Vision Group Reality


At Vision Group Realty, we pride ourselves in confidentiality, integrity and timeliness. Through our national network of REALTORS®, we assure our clients receive professional representation when buying or selling a home or business no matter where you are from or where your destination may be. Through our national relocation network we can assure that your real estate needs are met nationally and globally.

A simple call to our Relocation Department will start a chain of events designed to make your move as smooth as possible. Vision Group Realty specializes in third party relocation, corporate relocation, independent relocation and custom relocation. We are also happy to locate rental properties for our clients.

The Vision Group Realty team is uniquely experienced in the challenges professional athletes face when relocating. Owner, Mike Rucker, former NFL defensive end and Broker-In-Charge, Michaela Scurlock, wife of former NFL player Mike Scurlock, both understand the specific needs of the professional athlete and their families. Our REALTORS® receive specific custom relocation training through Vision Group Realty professionals to certify that their services always reflect the best interest of the professional athlete.

To receive FREE relocation material containing all-inclusive information about any area, please contact our Relocation Coordinator, Diane Agopian at 704.847.9300.